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ebike centre your one-stop shop for all your electric bike needs. We sell electric bikes, service electric bikes, and even ride electric bikes!  Based in Chichester, with nationwide shipping.

Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Transx certified ebike dealers, with full workshop facilities.

Stocking leading brands from Giant, Gazelle, Lapierre, KTM, Haibike, Diamondback, Ebco, Wisper, Corratec, Ghost, Freego, Batribike, Ave, Juicybike, Raleigh, Byocycles and others.

With 100s of models to choose from, if there is anything you want to know or would like to try one out then please contact us.


  • CityZen C8 HMB

    CityZen C8 HMB

    From £1999

  • Lapierre Overvolt AM 600 E-Bike 2017

    Lapierre Overvolt AM 600 E-Bike 2017

    From £4499

  • Orange C7 HMB

    Orange C7 HMB

    From £1899

  • Lapierre Overvolt HT 500 Ladies E-Bike 2017

    Lapierre Overvolt HT 500 Ladies E-Bike 2017

    From £2,249.00 £2,549.00



    From £1399

  • Orange C8 HMB

    Orange C8 HMB

    From £2399

  • Giant Ease E plus

    Giant Ease E plus

    From £1099

  • HeavyDutyNL C7 HMB

    HeavyDutyNL C7 HMB

    From £1799


  • AVE
  • Babboe
  • Batribike
  • Byocycles
  • Corratec
  • Diamondback
  • Freego
  • Gazelle
  • Giant
  • KTM
  • Lapierre
  • Oxygen
  • Pulse
  • Wisper

After several decades enjoying cycling, mostly mountain biking, my wife and I now both have physical issues that make long distance or challenging terrain difficult. We bought two ‘Giant’ electric bikes from the ebike-centre and they have transformed our riding. We are back on demanding trails, covering long distances again, and feel twenty years younger. At first it felt like ‘cheating’ but actually we go out more, cycle further and, by choosing the level of power assistance, we can control our exercise and improve our fitness. Expensive but worth every penny!

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