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Welcome to our new web page which should keep you up to date with everything that's happening in the ebike world.






We are very pleased to now offer the excellent Gocycle range of folding ebikes for our existing and new customers. We've been searching to offer the next generation of portable cycles for some time, and now they've arrived.  The Gocycle is a European built state of the art design taking it's technology from Formula one.

This is the perfect bike to partner to store on a boat, car or motorhome. 

The Gocycle really is a fantastic piece of kit, its simplistic design looks good both on the ride and at home or in the office!



The new eMTB mode for the Performance Line CX

Starting out in a new dimension. For a powerful start in the mountains and on rough terrain. The improved start behaviour guarantees optimum support on any terrain and trail. The start is noticeably simplified. The rider gets the necessary power in the eMTB mode, always at the right time.

The highlights at a glance


  • No Trigger: More rider enjoyment without changing modes. There's no need to change between the support modes; the rider can focus all of their attention on the trail.
  • Direct Flow: Perfect support from the very first step. Steep uphill starts become noticeably easier.
  • Progressiver Support: For a natural riding experience and optimum control. Depending on the pedal force, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual riding style.
  • Trail Control: Improved control in difficult riding situations. Ensures the rider makes effortless progress and has the best possible traction in technical uphill sections and where there are obstacles.
  • Maximum Momentum: With a torque of up to 75 Nm. The motor dynamically boosts the pedal power of the rider between 120% and 300% for sporty acceleration, even when riding over alpine terrain.
  • Ultimativer Uphill Flow: Uphill riding becomes an unforgettable experience; the rider always remains in the flow.

If you're unsure as to whether you can update your Bosch powered ebike, give us a call and we'll answer any questions.

I bought my bike, a Byocycle Ibex, 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier with it. Having cycled for years I now appreciate just a bit of power, especially useful in the strong winds around our stretch of the coast. I haven't used it on a hill yet but have every confidence in it when I do. Steve was very helpful and said that usually within a couple of months the partner of a purchaser decides they would like one - it took my husband all of 3 days to decide he wanted one too! I can recommend this company without hestitation.

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