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Founded in 1946 by Gaston Lapierre, and passed down over three generations, the family values are evident in the name. After Jacky, son of the founder, Gilles has taken the reins since 1996 with the same passion. in 60 years of existence and management by the Lapierre family, Cycles Lapierre has now become a reference in the cycling world. MTB leader in France, before arriving on the road in 1993, Lapierre has always pushed the boundaries of technological innovation. Constantly adapting to the evolving needs of cyclists and responding to their requests. 



Lapierre bikes are conceived, developed, and then assembled by hand, by our experienced technicians in our historic site in Dijon, France. A demanding process, to ensure the very best quality and the best performance for cyclists, whatever their level or their type of riding.

This has been the driving force in the 10 years of partnership with, France’s preferred cycling team since 2006. A shared adventure responsible for many of the very best stories in French cycling, across the mythical events and toughest international races. 


MYREASONTORIDE is about getting what you want out of your time on the bike.

For some, it's about finishing first. For others, making it to the finish line

We don't care how fast you ride—we’re just glad you do.


Riding is not a defined place, time or distance.

Riding is not an obligation or duty.

Riding is not just for champions.

Riding has no rules, no limits, no masters.

Riding is whatever you want it to be.


Helpful, friendly and professional advice given without any pressure selling are the Hallmarks of the E-Bike Centre.  together with a wide selection of e-bikes on display, Steve's service is aimed not at fitting the bike to the person but the person to the right bike, taking into consideration price, size, performance and intended use.  We had previously recommended neighbours to shop at the E-Bike Centre and they have been similarly impressed with the service such that they too had purchased  bikes from the Centre.  They continue to be very pleased with their purchases.

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