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The Haibike sales concept is based on specialist retailers.

This means we sell our products exclusively through a trusted network of authorized dealers. The advantages of this approach are having an expert answer your questions and the opportunity to truly experience and get to know our bikes through test rides. We want you to find the Haibike of your dreams. Our dealers will service your new Haibike, fulfill any special requests, and support any technical problems. This happens through direct, personal, and quality interactions.

While some dealers sell Haibikes online, if you go this route, we strongly recommend you make sure the dealer professionally assembles your Haibike and offers long-term support for service and technical questions. Please keep in mind the shipment of electric bicycles is complex.

  • Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 10.0

    Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 10.0

    From £7999

I bought from Steve after finding his shop on Google. I use it for pleasure and commuting to and from my golf club. I'm very happy with the service and back-up provided.

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