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For over twenty years

... Konrad Irlbacher has been creating groundbreaking innovations for the biking industry together with his design & engineering team as well as a number of world-class pros. Year after year, we challenge the industry standards with new solutions which deliver a clear value to the passionate rider. This is why corratec continuously delights its customers and surprises the competition. No other bike possesses so many innovative aspects as a corratec does. That has been the key to our worldwide success in over 50 countries.

Quality from Germany

Since the founding

... of corratec, we have always stayed true to our roots. Research, development, design and the greater part of the production is based at our headquarters in the Bavarian Alps. The immediate surrounding trails, mountain passes and cross-country paths offer a perfect playground to thoroughly test our meticulously developed products before we bring them to the market. This is our way to guarantee that our innovations will arrive in your hands with the utmost of quality.

My commute (at a very leisurely pace) is  24 minutes door to door. Brilliant!  I love the experience so much that today I went home via Kennel Hill and The Trundle

I’m really impressed with the bike, it’s perfect for my  needs. So much so that I will be putting the car up for sale this weekend. Time to start counting the savings!  Thank you very much for the advice before purchasing which helped me make the right choice. 

 I would have no hesitation recommending an e-bike or the e-bike Centre. 

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