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For over twenty years

... Konrad Irlbacher has been creating groundbreaking innovations for the biking industry together with his design & engineering team as well as a number of world-class pros. Year after year, we challenge the industry standards with new solutions which deliver a clear value to the passionate rider. This is why corratec continuously delights its customers and surprises the competition. No other bike possesses so many innovative aspects as a corratec does. That has been the key to our worldwide success in over 50 countries.

Quality from Germany

Since the founding

... of corratec, we have always stayed true to our roots. Research, development, design and the greater part of the production is based at our headquarters in the Bavarian Alps. The immediate surrounding trails, mountain passes and cross-country paths offer a perfect playground to thoroughly test our meticulously developed products before we bring them to the market. This is our way to guarantee that our innovations will arrive in your hands with the utmost of quality.

So, an e-bike looked to suit me and research started. Round and round I went from Giant main dealer, 'how much?' to all who stocked e-bikes locally. Upshot, mail order buying blind from somewhere well north of civilisation which was not attractive to me but seemed the only solution within my budget.


Sensing my frustration Boss and Google to the rescue. 20 miles or so away the e-bike Centre popped up and off we went on a sunny morning. I'm not going into verse and chapter about our visit but here are the main points. 1. I had never seen such a variety of e-bikes. 2 Steve listens and offers sound advice. 3 I now own a Giant full sus e-bike monster for a small bit over my budget. 4. Small changes I wanted took an hour whilst we had lunch at the local marina, no problem. 5. Coffee and a smile is order of the day.


To sum up, if you are considering an e-bike or wanting one first stop The e-bike Centre is the place to go. End of.

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