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Babboe Cargo Bike: How it all started!

Babboe Cargo Bikes was founded in 2006 as an initiative by parents, for parents. At that time there were many young parents looking in vain for a good, affordable family cargo bike. Because we were (and still are) young parents ourselves, we decided to do something about it. But what makes a good cargo bike? And what can people afford? We posed these questions to many parents, and then we got to work with the answers. 

Within two years we had developed our first cargo bike together with an engineering company. It was a period of trials and errors. In 2007 the first Babboe cargo bike was ready: the Babboe Big, a robust three-wheel cargo bike that met all of our requirements. Was this the beginning of a flourishing business?

Cargo bike, 3wheel cargo bike

Babboe cargo bikes take over the Netherlands

The first Babboe cargo bike quickly took over the Netherlands. With the Babboe Big, affordable quality got a ‘face’ in every city. Thanks to the many Babboe-pioneers, we were able to rapidly improve our original model. Meanwhile the Babboe Big grew up, which you can see in the comprehensive guarantee and service package as well as the growing number of accessories. But could we sit back and take it easy? Obviously not.

Electric cargo bike revolution

Electric Cargo bikes, Electric family bikeIn 2008 we received the first requests from parents for an electric cargo bike. Imagine this: a constant tailwind, much larger range, feather-light cycling even with heavy cargo, grandparents effortlessly riding your children around, and so on. Was this feasible and affordable for young parents? We sought direct collaboration with a number of top suppliers. They quickly saw it as the ‘green alternative to cars’. In 2009 we introduced the electric cargo bike: the Babboe Big-E, a revolution in the cargo bike world! Since then, all of our cargo bikes have also been available with electric pedal assistance.

  • Accessories


    From £39.95

  • Rain tent Babboe City

    Rain tent Babboe City

    From £139.95

  • Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

    Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

    From £2069.99

  • Babboe Transporter-E

    Babboe Transporter-E

    From £2199

  • Babboe Dog-E

    Babboe Dog-E

    From £2299

  • Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

    Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

    From £2499.99

  • Babboe City Mountain

    Babboe City Mountain

    From £3499

  • Babboe Mini Mountain

    Babboe Mini Mountain

    From £3499

  • Babboe Curve Mountain

    Babboe Curve Mountain

    From £3599

  • Babboe Carve Mountain

    Babboe Carve Mountain

    From £4299

Love our new bikes bought a couple of weeks ago. Jem has a Gazelle Orange CX and I have a Batribike Omega. Steve was very helpful and patient, and did not rush us, while we tried to take in all the details about the bikes. He is very knowledgeable, an experienced cyclist himself, and gives a first class service. Would highly recommend him at Ebikes in Birdham. Thanks for everything, Steve. See you soon.

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