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Bosch makes three e-groups for different applications, all based around a frame-mounted motor at the crank. They differ in the size and features of the motor and in particular the maximum torque the motor puts out. Bosch offers 300, 400 and 500Wh batteries for these systems. The wide range of options and excellent reputation for reliability and usability explains why you’ll find Bosch e-groups on a vast range if bikes; at the moment it’s the dominant mid motor system.


Features common to all three include integrated gear shifting and compatibility with Bosch’s Nyon computer, an optional upgrade from the stock Intuvia device. The system eases off the power when you shift gear, and with some gear systems can select a low gear as you slow down so you’re ready to set off again. The Intuvia computer provides GPS navigation, measures your calorie consumption and connects with your phone using Bluetooth to alert you of texts.

The three e-groups are:

Active Line, aimed at hybrids and other recreational bikes. It meets the standard pedelec rules with a maximum speed of 25km/h and 48Nm of torque. (There are higher-speed versions of the other Bosch systems for European S-Pedelecs.)

Performance Line puts out 60Nm for faster acceleration for e-mountain bikes, European trekking-style bikes and a general sportier feel. Performance Line and Active Line look very similar but for the graphics on the casings

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Performance Line CX is for mountain bikes with a maximum torque of 75Nm, and power coming in at a pedalling rate of just 20rpm. The motor is smaller than the Active Line’s too. That reduces the distance between the pedals so a Performance Line CX e-bike feels more like a regular bike. 


PowerPack 500

Currently the most powerful PowerPack available from Bosch, it has the same dimensions and is only slightly heavier than the 400 PowerPack, yet it extends the range of the eBike by approximately 25%. Under ideal conditions, it is possible to complete tours covering 90 kilometers with one charge together with the Performance Line Cruise. The PowerPack 500 is available as a frame or rack battery for Performance and Active line.

PowerPack 400 & 300

The PowerPack 400 and PowerPack 300 are reliable, durable energy storage devices that suffer neither from memory effect nor self-discharge issues. Designed as a frame battery, the PowerPack is mounted close to the center of gravity on your eBike to ensure better stability. The rack battery variant is used for wheels with a low entry point. Regardless of where the batteries are mounted, removing and charging them at the nearest power socket could not be easier.

The PowerPack 400 is available as a frame and rack battery for Performance Line and Active Line. The PowerPack 300 is available as a frame and rack battery for Active Line and as a frame battery for the Performance Line.


DualBattery is the perfect solution for tour riders, long distance commuters and cabby bikers: two PowerPacks connected to one another – in a combination of either two frame batteries or one frame and one rack battery. Bosch DualBattery support up to a range of 180 km under favorable conditions.

Available for the Performance Line CX, Performance Line and Active Line – either in a combination of two frame batteries or of frame and rack batteries.


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