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Shimano steps.


— The System —

The intelligent, silent and easy-to-use e-bike system

A system with components that cater to everybody’s needs and delivers ultimate performance and reliability. That’s the heart of the matter. With SHIMANO STEPS you’ll push boundaries and feel energized while doing it.

Whether easing past traffic to get to work or school, enjoying a healthy outing or doing errands, SHIMANO STEPS will get you there relaxed and refreshed. 

Walk assist

Easy to manoeuvre when off the bike – push a button and the bike slowly moves forward.

Start Mode*

Come to a halt and SHIMANO STEPS will automatically shift to a lower gear for an easy start.

Flatten hills

The powerful SHIMANO STEPS drive unit makes light work of the steepest hills. Now everywhere feels flat.


Travel anywhere in Europe, a Shimano dealer won't be far away. Support is always close at hand.

Weather Proof

No need to fear rain or puddles – a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike will sail through, no problem.


Riding into the wind? Let the SHIMANO STEPS motor put the extra effort in and enjoy the ride.


2 Battery types:

  • BT-E6000 and BT-E6010: Rear carrier and down-tube mounted (418 Wh and 504 Wh)

Battery specifications:

  • Charging: 80% after 2 hrs / 4 hrs from 0 to 100%
  • Battery life: 1,000 cycles

Shimano STePs launched in 2013 with a crank motor and the ability to work with Shimano’s electronically-controlled Di2 hub gears to provide automatic shifting. 

  • The Steps E6000 system is designed for urban use. It has a 418Whr battery and the motor puts out 50Nm of torque. The electronic gears still work even when the battery doesn’t have enough charge to power the motor.

The Shimano STEPS E8000 motor is Shimano's system designed for mountain bike use and a direct competitor to the Bosch Performance Line CX motor.

The system is a complete redesign over the urban STEPS, with a smaller, more powerful motor capable of 70Nm of torque. The small OLED display sits behind the bars so it's protected, and the E8000 mode shifter is a paddle shifter that's the same as the one Shimano use for their off-road electronic Di2 groupsets. The battery is bigger, at 504Wh, so you get longer on the trails.

My wife and I knew very little about Electric bikes, so we visited Steve's shop for some advice after finding him on the computer. Steve quickly put us at ease and spent about 45 minutes with us allowing us to test several different models, whilst pointing out the different features. We chose a pair of Freego Eagles -Red and Blue- and are very happy with them

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