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Information about Electric Bikes (page 1)

So, what is an electric bike?

In simple terms, it's an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) also known as an Ebike or Pedelec.  In other words, if you pedal the motor is active, if you stop, the motor stops.

All of our electric bikes have a power level adjustment, which gives the rider the ability to set how much assistance they need and can even be turned off completely if required. 

In the UK, there is a power assisted speed limit of 25km/h (15.5mph) but as with standard bikes, this can be exceeded when under pedal power alone.

They are available in many shapes, sizes and designs, MTBs, Road, Hybrid, Folding, etc, to suit differing cycling styles and needs. All of our bikes come fitted with Lithium Ion batteries.  The range of the battery will depend on the model, and size of the battery chosen.

There are mainly two types of Pedelec, Torque Sensor, and Rotation Sensor.

Torque Sensor equiped bikes feel more like riding a regular bike, but with assistance coming when you need it, i.e. hills, wind, etc.  Basically the pedal driven crank will sense how much pressure the rider is applying to the pedals, and adjust the assistance accordingly.  They are very smooth with the power delivery, and feel very intuitive to ride.  These type of motors are made by market leading brands, such as Bosch, Yamaha or Shimano.

Rotation Sensor equiped bikes have a sensor at the bottom bracket and a series of magnets which rotate as the rider pedals, as each magnet passes assistance is given.  These can feel less intuitive, and not as helpful with hills, but are generally cheaper to purchase.

The best way to find out which system is for you, is to pop down to our showroom and test the bikes, where someone will help you to make the right decision for your circumstances.

Why an Ebike?

The world needs more people on bikes. Bikes can make and keep us healthy – mentally as well as physically. eBikes provide that opportunity: by removing many of the barriers to entry associated with traditional cycling and enticing more people to get involved. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit or healthy you are: eBikes are for everyone.


Thank you Steve for your guidance when purchasing 2 x Giant Dirt e-bikes recently.  We have always enjoyed downhill mountain biking but now with the power assist of our new e-bikes, have loved the uphill part just as much.  Can't wait for each weekend to get out and explore!

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