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Electric Trikes

  • Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

    Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

    From £2069.99

  • Babboe Transporter-E

    Babboe Transporter-E

    From £2199

  • Babboe Dog-E

    Babboe Dog-E

    From £2299

  • Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

    Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

    From £2499.99

  • Babboe City Mountain

    Babboe City Mountain

    From £3499

  • Babboe Mini Mountain

    Babboe Mini Mountain

    From £3499

  • Babboe Curve Mountain

    Babboe Curve Mountain

    From £3599

  • Babboe Carve Mountain

    Babboe Carve Mountain

    From £4299


Helpful, friendly and professional advice given without any pressure selling are the Hallmarks of the E-Bike Centre.  together with a wide selection of e-bikes on display, Steve's service is aimed not at fitting the bike to the person but the person to the right bike, taking into consideration price, size, performance and intended use.  We had previously recommended neighbours to shop at the E-Bike Centre and they have been similarly impressed with the service such that they too had purchased  bikes from the Centre.  They continue to be very pleased with their purchases.

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