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HeavyDutyNL C7 HFP

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HeavyDutyNL C7 HFP

The toughest cargo bike

The HeavyDutyNL is the sturdiest e-bike in the Netherlands. This male equivalent of the Miss Grace meets all the requirements of the modern man. Strong, sturdy and stylish.

Panasonic front-wheel motor

Proven quality

Gazelle has a Panasonic found a proven partner. The Panasonic front-wheel motor is shaped compact that the Gazelle Hybrid models with Panasonic front-wheel motor looks like a normal bike. By a Gazelle e-bike with front-wheel Panasonic motor you can choose from four different batteries: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

For example, choose our platinum battery with top specifications:

  • 13,5 Ah Capacity
  • 486 Wh Watt-hour rating
  • 70 - 110 km / 44 - 69 mi


  • The ease of an e-bike with the looks of a cargo bike.
  • The bike stands up stably thanks to a sturdy double stand and handlebar lock.
  • The rotation sensor provides maximum assistance for minimum effort.
  • You can choose from three types of battery, which will give you a range of up to 110 km / 69 mi.
  • Specifications
    • Motor Panasonic
    • Motor location front
    • Battery type Li-ion
    • Display Panasonic LCD side
    • Type of gears hub
    • Number of gears 7
    • Frame description Stable, lightweight oversized aluminium frame with 71° headset angle and 73° saddle tube angle gives a comfortable posture and positive steering characteristics. Through its geometry and stability, also extremely suitable for heavy loads.
    • Luxury level ***
    • Frame aluminium
    • Frame size Gentlemen 54, 59
    • Weight (kg/Lbs) 26 excl. battery
    • Colour Gentlemen black mat

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Im glad I spoke to Steve at the eBike Centre as I was all set to buy a bike from a company that make Vacuum cleaners. I was alerted to certain possible problems with this route so I tried a few bikes at the eBike Centre and went away and mulled over the price of the bike I was the interested in against my original plan. I then checked more reviews for my original possible purchase and the issues I was informed about were peppered all over the review sites. I had to re adjust my finances on this but Steve was more than flexible on options for the sale. So although I may have to eat beans for a month, I am happy with my purchase as this morning I cycled 15 miles to work and I can still walk. I relish the many hills I encounter and am enjoying the assistance the bike is giving me along my rides. Ive been on it all weekend and have actively been finding steeper and steeper hills to play with and trails! I cant recommend an eBike from the ebike-centre more. They provide a great service and advice with no pressure to buy. 

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