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CityZen T10 HMB

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CityZen T10 HMB


Sportiness, quality and design are characteristics of the Cityzen T10 HMB. The neatly concealed powerful Bosch battery gives the bike a sturdy and robust look. Thanks to the powerful mid-mounted motor going uphill is never a problem and no destination is too far. This commuter bike is perfect for getting to work and for recreational purposes. The sleek, sporty styling makes the Cityzen t10 Hmb stand out in a crowd.

Bosch mid-motor

Effortless cycling

Effortless cycling with the powerful and robust Bosch mid-motor. Due to the low placement of the mid-motor, each Gazelle Hybrid with a Bosch mid-motor has an excellent maneuverability and handling. Powerful robust Bosch middle motor is ideal for the daily journey and long distances. With a torque of 48 Nm, it not only supports level, but also on hilly terrain. In a Gazelle electric bike with Bosch Perfomance Line will always give you a gold battery.

  • 11,1 Ah Capacity
  • 400 Wh Watt-hour rating
  • till 125 km Range


  • Bosch battery concealed within the frame and removable
  • Powerful Shimano disc brakes
  • Strong Bosch mid-mounted motor for even more mileage
  • Suspension front fork for extra comfort

Battery and range

How far you can cycle with electric pedal assistance depends largely on the type of battery. Our powerful robust Bosch middle motor is ideal for the daily journey and long distances. With a torque of 60 Nm, it not only supports level, but also on hilly terrain. The Bosch Performance Line battery has a high range of up to 154 km, thus providing additional long cycling. Watch the battery table and associated range.

  • Watt-hours400 Wh
  • Amps11.1 Ah
  • Eco range125 km
  • Power range75 km
  • Sport range62 km
  • Turbo range54 km
More details Included in bike price, excluding recycling levy
  • Watt-hours500 Wh
  • Amps13.8 Ah
  • Eco range154 km
  • Tour range95 km
  • Sport range 78 km
  • Turbo range 67 km
More details Add-on price £170, excluding recycling levy


  • Motor location mid
  • Battery type Li-ion
  • Display Bosch Intuvia LCD center
  • Type of gears derailleur
  • Number of gears 10
  • Frame description Lightweight aluminium frame with 70° headset angle and 71° saddle tube angle for a sporty posture and precise cycling performance.
  • Luxury level ****
  • Frame aluminium
  • Frame size Gentlemen 53, 57, 61
  • Frame size Ladies 46, 49, 53, 57
  • Weight (kg/Lbs) 22 excl. battery
  • Colour Gentlemen desert titanium grey mat
  • Colour Ladies desert titanium grey mat

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I wanted an electric bike, as I live in a very hilly area of Sussex. I visited two shops before meeting Steve, but neither had the choice or the knowledge to make me feel comfortable to buy. I use it most days. Thanks Steve.

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